It is highly probable that your forefathers (if not you or your parents) are from a village. It is also probable that either you or your parents have stories of ‘summer experience’ in a village. We welcome you to please close your eyes and visualise how villages were, in the past. I am sure you that in your visualization, there are vast agriculture fields, coconut trees, mango groves, farm lands, fruit yards, plantations, a river or a lake nearby, cows and sheep aplenty. Though lots of activities are happening everywhere, everything appeared to be happening in a clam and steady pace.

There were different set of games for boys and girls. While boys were sweating it out on varied outdoor games and activities, girls spent their free time paying ‘intelligent’ games. In those days, girls did not enjoy the luxury of ‘studying’. However, it was ensured that their intelligence levels are not low. How wise were our forefathers?

By 6 PM, everyone, including the cows and sheep, returned home. It was always the case of early dinner where every member of the family is present. For the children, it was special time, as they got a chance to listen to stories from grandma. By 9 pm, it was the case of ‘curtains down’ for the day.

We are sure that the visualization brought ‘golden memories’ back to you. To help you experience life in a village, we have set up Demo Labs, which serve both the purposes of educating people on villages, and provide insight on Rural Entrepreneurship Projects.


VIVA VILLAGE is a Program that we have designed, especially for the urban youth, to ‘relive’, or ‘experience’ those golden memories. We also see this Program as a Thanksgiving you may like to pay to our Farmers. In a way, it is also a volunteer program.

The One Day Experiential Living is nominally priced at Rs. 1,000/- Plus GST at 18%. The Program Fees include Transportation from and to a strategic point in Bangalore, Breakfast, Lunch, and Tea in the Site.

Typically, the Program goes as under :
6.00 AM Departure from Bangalore 1.15 PM to 2.15 PM Lunch Break
7.15 to 8 AM Reach the Venue and have Breakfast – Village Style 2.15 to 3.00 PM Stroll around the Farmland
8 to 9 AM A Tour Around the Farm Land 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM Outdoor and Indoor Village Games
9 to 11 AM Shram Daan (in the Farmland) 4.00 PM to 4.30 PM Thanksgiving Time to the Villagers
11AM Tea Break 4.30 PM Tea Break
11.15 to 1.15 PM Shram Daan (In the Village) 5.00 PM Departure to Bangalore


We welcome the City Youth to actively participate in this Program, and contribute their mite to the development of rural life. For all we know, you may be tempted to start your own Rural Enterprise!

Please register for the upcoming Rendezvous with Roots Activity. Let your circle of connects know about this Program!