Congratulations to you, for passing yet another milestone in your life, with aplomb. You have helped your child reach where he/she is. Your efforts have brought your child to a stage where he/she is on the verge of standing on his/her own, and create a powerful roadmap for a bright future.

You are probably a Corporate Employee, or a Business Person. In all probability, you must have seen lots of youngsters in your profession. You would have seen many of them struggle to gain a firm hold on their role, simply because they were not equipped to handle situations.

We are certain that you understand the importance of prudent planning and preparation, as a pre-requisite to seeking successful roadmap for future, whether in terms of a corporate career, or entrepreneurship. Having seen life, you very well understand that the time and effort spent towards this, is worth its weight in gold.

We intend equipping your child with FIVE Powers. You will be the first to acknowledge that these Powers, when combined in a single package, would work as a magic, and would help your child confidently stand on his/her own, and create a solid platform for them to build their Career Aspirations. Not only that, the inputs that they would get in our Program will also help them face challenges of life, with much more confidence and competence. We do understand that this is the Dream of any Parent.

The Five Powers we empower your child with, are –

Our Programs

We have designed two Programs to help your child get a bright kick-start to their future.

SPRING BOARD is a Program that enhances the Employability Quotient of Job Seekers.

FLAG OFF is a Program that helps a person become a Successful Entrepreneur.


We welcome you to see details of both the Programs in the OUR SERVICES Page.

If you think you should add value to your child, please nominate your child for the immediate available batch of Training. For all we know, this would be the BEST GIFT you would give to your child.