A Key activity of Allevare Academy Private Limited is providing budding entrepreneurs with an exciting Pre Entrepreneurial Experiential Learning.

We believe that it will do a world of good to a budding entrepreneur, if one were to invest meaningful time in personally experiencing entrepreneurship, before they venture on their own enterprise.

Where do they go for the experiential learning? Who will mentor them? How do we know that the Mentoring happens the way we envisaged? How do we ensure that the Budding Entrepreneurs are not misused as Support Staff? These were the questions that bothered us, as we are committed to provide quality entrepreneurial experiential learning. We are committed to ensure higher percentage of success stories from the Start Ups, than at present.

This is when we struck the idea of becoming a part of a Serial Enterprises Program, through support from interested Investors.

We will be creating a pool of about 50 Profitable Business Ventures that can be successfully set up at the Urban, Rural and Cottage level. In our vision, each State can have 100 such Enterprises.

The Investment for these Enterprises will be made by the Investors, who will enjoy a 60% Stake in the Business Venture.

While the Investment amount does vary from Venture to Venture, it is a fair estimate to say that an,

Urban Enterprise would require an Investment of about Rs. 20,00,000/-
Rural Enterprise would require an Investment of about Rs. 15,00,000/-
Cottage Industry will require an Investment of about Rs. 5,00,000/-

Allevare Academy Private Limited, with an exemplary backing from its Leadership Team and Board of Advisors, will provide required Business Mentoring, and towards this, will hold 40% Stake in the Business Venture.

Those who opt for our Entrepreneur Development Program, will be given the option to go through the Pre-Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning. For each Business Enterprise that we initiate with the Investment from the Investors, we will allot 5-6 Budding Entrepreneurs, and a Business Mentor.

Under the guidance of the Business Mentor, the Team of Budding Entrepreneurs will perform every act that is required to be performed, to ensure the birth of the Business Enterprise, and also take it to the Productivity Ready Levels.

While the Enterprise is getting ready to go on Commercial Operations, Allevare Academy will identify and recruit the required Man Power for smooth running of the Company. The Investors will be periodically kept in the loop on the progress the Business Enterprise is making.

Each Business Enterprise will be managed as an Independent Entity, and will be established in the shape of a Partnership LLP Firm – Partners being the Investor(s) (holding 60% of the Shares and Allevare Academy Private Limitedf (holding 40% of the Shares.

We welcome enquiries from interested Investors, by mailing to, with the subject line reading INVESTMENTS. A Member from the Leadership Team of Allevare Academy Private Limited will get in touch with the prospective Investor, and take the opportunity forward.