Skillful Interns

Every Organization will have, all the time, certain assignments that do not need a permanent employee to be involved with. In particular, Organizations in the MSME Sector likes to have a floating population of workforce, literally round the year. It might also be a good idea for a Company to experience the effectiveness of a person, by guiding and observing the person over a duration of time, before offering employment.

It is our submission that ‘Internship’ could be the right answer to all the three situations. Our Interns will come to you for a 90-100 Days of a Practical Learning Experience, after completing our Orientation Program of 100 Hours. To get an idea of what they have learnt in their Orientation Programme, we welcome you to take a look at the structure of our SPRING BOARD Program, which is available in the Our Services Page.

We have two choices from where you can get your interns.

  • Free Membership. All you have to do is to Register with us, with the required number of Interns, and duration of Internship. We will put every effort at our command, to ensure that you get the required number of Interns.
  • Premier Membership. Under this option, for a nominal annual subscription of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only), we will not only commit to provide the required number of Interns, but also will comply with replacement issues, if any.

In both the options, we will be charging a nominal Fees that vary between Rs. 4,500/- to Rs. 6,000/- per month, (Plus GST at 18%), depending on the nature and duration of Interns. There will be no separate pay-outs to be made to the Interns.

Please fill the Internship Request Form. The requirement will automatically be routed to a Relationship Officer, who will help you with completion of required formalities, and will take responsibility to provide you with the right interns.

Internship Request Form