Challenge 1

Many Organizations hire for entry level positions in large numbers.

A significant outlay in terms of Training Cost and Training Time is budgeted by Organizations to train the entry level personnel, towards proper discharge of their responsibilities.

We look at the challenges Organizations face in the entry level recruitment, from three angles.

It should be a baffling experience for the Recruiter that in spite of availability of a large number of ‘eligible’ candidates, finding the right one is almost like finding a needle in a hay stack.

To add to this problem, is the ever increasing attrition rate. Our estimate puts the first year attrition to above 30%, and the attrition rate over three year tenure to as high as 70%.

Challenge 2

In many Organizations, the ‘Induction Program’ is largely oriented towards either the Products of the Company or the Technicalities of the Operations of the Company. In other words, the focus of Induction Programs is largely oriented towards the KNOWLEDGE (What as well as How to), with little or no focus on more important factors such as SKILL, COMPETENCY, MINDSET and HABITS.

It is our humble submission to Corporates that we are both interested and capable of providing them with the following services:
  • Handpick their potential employees, from a vast pool of Final Year Students and Job seekers, by shortlisting them through our Psychometric and Aptitude Assessments.
  • Equipping the Students with the right mix of Sector/Role Knowledge, Skill Sets, Competency, Mind Set and Habits, by putting them through a comprehensive Certification Program;
  • Offer the successful Students for Interview in your Organization, their appointment being subject to selection in the Interview.

In other words, we are capable of providing you with young Graduates who are mentally prepared and intellectually ready to undergo a condensed Induction Program, where, all they are required to do is to learn the Products and Processes of the Organization.

Please provide us with your mandate. It will be our responsibility to completely fulfil your requirement, to your total satisfaction.