Board of Directors

Board of Directors consists of 4 persons, who all have provided initial investment for the Company. Common factor among all the Directors is passion for developing the capabilities of youngsters.

The Board of Directors have a collective experience of over 100 years, with innumerable success stories in their Corporate Career.









The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is headed by the Chairman and Managing Director of Allevare Academy Private Limited. The Leadership Team includes few Members from the Board of Directors, besides few Subject Matter Experts, who have made a name for themselves in their area of expertise.


Accomplished Competency Enhancer.

After graduating in Science, he acquired three PG Qualifications in Labour Laws, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management. Deeply drawn into methods to unleash human potential, he took special interest in Psychometric Assessments, and has developed capabilities to interpret human behaviour from 10 dimensions.

Manjunath has over 36 years of successful Corporate experience, having worked for several Industry Leaders in the areas of Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Administration, Manufacturing, Planning, Sales and Distribution, Customer Service, and Training.

Result Orientation, High level of Interpersonal Skills, Analytical Thinking, are some of the strengths of Manjunath.

As Managing Director, Manjunath is the Guiding Force behind Allevare Academy Private Limited.

Ganesh Shenoy

Business Coach

After his Engineering Degree, he completed his Certifications as a Fellow in HRM, and as an International Trainer. He is an ICF ACTP Certified Coach.

Ganesh has 27+ years of diverse experience in Education, Training, Sales, Product Management, Program Management, Talent Management & Operations. The diversity of his experience gives him an infinitely better appreciation of what makes Business tick, when it comes to People & Processes.

Ganesh has been recognized as “South India’s Most Talented HR Leader by Times Ascent & Asia Pacific HRM Congress” in ‘2017, for being a Consultant, Strategic Adviser, Trainer, Mentor and a Coach impacting over 10000+ people enabling them to get consistent results & making a significant difference to their lives.

Ganesh also serves as mentor and an advisor to the Board for a few Startups. Ganesh is an avid trainer with a keen interest in Leadership, Sales & Human Resources. He is also a mentor & faculty for a US based University helping them evangelize HR Certifications in India. He is a regular speaker at B-Schools / T-Schools & the National Employability Conclaves.

Ganesh has made a name for himself as an Executive Coach, Strategic Planner, Trainer Par Excellence, and as a Motivational Speaker. If numbers were to be an indicator, Ganesh is credited with the following credentials.

400+ hours in coaching, 10000+ Hours in Training and 100+ Hours in Mentoring.

In his last Corporate role as Head HR, Ganesh led several Interventions from Organizational Development, Cultural Transformation to Leadership Development. Being an Internal Coach Ganesh worked with the Senior Leadership team helping them transform Business problems into solutions supporting corporate strategy.

Gopal Baggunji

Electronics and Communications expert

Gopal Baggunji is a competent Electronics and Communications expert. He is trained in Management Studies, from Crestcom, a US based Training Organization.

Innovation, Critical Thinking, Integrity, Proactiveness, are qualities that Gopal is known for.

After gaining experience as a successful corporate employee for over 7 years, Gopal turned to become a successful serial entrepreneur. Since 1995, he is credited with being a key player in 4 successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Dr. T Chandrasekhar

Agriculture Specialist

Dr. T Chandrasekhar is a renowned Agriculture Specialist. His passion for improving the quality of life in Villages, has earned him the respect of farmers across the State of Karnataka. Dr. Chandrasekhar has helped hundreds of farmers to get the right produce from their lands, given the soil and water conditions.

Dr. Chandrasekhar comes with innovative, yet simple to implement solutions to problems of farmers.

He has developed over 10 highly viable projects in Rural Entrepreneurship. He has helped several rural youth to engage themselves in gainful rural ventures.

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is an Independent Team of Achievers, who have a strong passion for student development, besides being highly successful professionals in either academia, or corporate, or Professional Bodies.

They Mentor the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team, and guide them in proper governance of the Organization.


Support Team consists of competent and committed youngsters, and they effectively discharge the responsibilities assigned to them. They bring in their vibrant energy and an out of the box thinking, and contribute significantly to the success of the Organization Goals.