It is said that Numbers tell a Story. Let us take a look at the Numbers relating to people in India.

Some worth knowing Facts

Age Facts

Birth Rate in our Country, which already has a population of over 1.34 Billion, is growing at literally One Child Birth every Second.

Almost 50% of Indians are below the age of 24 years.

More than 65% of the population is below 35 years.

People above 55 years of age, hardly constitute 14% of the Population.

Current average age of Indian is 27 years.

All these clearly indicate that our Country is blessed with a very large number of younger and middle aged population. Becoming a Super Power is within handshaking distance from us.

Educational Facts

Our Country has over 7500 Engineering Colleges, over 6500 Management Colleges, and over 100000 Degree/Diploma Colleges.

More than 30 Million Students get graduated in different Courses, each year.

Many Surveys have established that less than 15% of the above population are employable, purely on basis of academic credentials.

Nearly 40% of India’s Population (between 18-29 year segment), are available for Employment.

Nearly 1 out of 4 Employees are actually under employed.

Little over 3 Lakh Jobs are created in 2016-17, in the Organized Sector. A significant majority of them are Contractual Jobs.

Job to Job Seeker Ratio is more than 1:100.

In spite of these scary statistics, the first year attrition is over 40%.

Decision Making Facts

Only Academic Qualification hardly supports Job Selection.

Focus on only ‘Skilling’ may not significantly improve the possibility of getting a Job. The focus should be ‘Beyond Skilling’.

A large population of our Youngsters lack Right Direction and Focus.

There has to be a consistent ‘NURTURING’ of the young minds, so that their ‘Thinking’ is on Constructive Contribution.

We need to significantly focus on Job Creation, by encouraging Entrepreneurship, and provide the right mentoring to Entrepreneurs.

5 critical parameters to succeed in Life

KNOWLEDGE (of self as well as the Sector one would like to get involved with),

SKILLS (which separates them from the Crowd),

COMPETENCY (which gives them the Confidence and Belief),

HABITS (which leads them to Perfection) and

MINDSET (which helps them overcome barriers).

Unfortunately, under the current situation, many students who pass out of their academic course do not possess good control over many of the 5 parameters. Not surprisingly, a large majority of them struggle in either getting a right job, or in succeeding in their employment career. Similar is the fate in the field of Entrepreneurship.

Allevare Academy Private Limited is committed to provide the much needed initial focus and thrust on all the five parameters to a level from where, the youngsters will be empowered to build on them, during the course of their life journey. We intend to NURTURE Young Population of our Country in being the ‘Catalysts of Change’ that our Country need, in our quest of becoming The Super Power.

By the way, Allevare means NURTURE. We provide what is needed. Not what is desired.

We ensure sustained behavior change and drive successfull performance.

Effective Solutions with  proven output, expert perspective to help you meet your exact development needs , achieved after burning gallons of midnight oil to brainstorm and debate on what exactly needs to be done to help our Youngsters to Astutely Position their Natural Abilities.
Irony of fulfilling an expectation of another person is that, the beneficiary expects that his/her second expectation also would get fulfilled by the person who fulfilled the first expectation.We have re-worked on our Programs multiple times, to ensure  best of the inputs.
Mere possession of academic knowledge hardly supports a successful journey in either Employment or Entrepreneurship.We are committed to provide world class inputs to the budding entrepreneurs  & totally empower them to become successful entrepreneurs.

Message from the Chairman and Managing Director

Welcome to the wonderful world of Allevare Academy Private Limited.

Organizations which have a strong and compelling reason for coming into existence are more likely to overcome the initial turbulence, and achieve its objectives. Organizations achieve greatness if the compelling reason serves as a medium in the Nation Building Process.

We look at our Country as a Country of Youngsters. Over 65% of Indians are under 35 years, and almost 50% of Indians are below age of 25 years. This fact, read with another fact that we are the World’s Second Largest Populated Country (and growing at literally a child birth every second), presents to us a wonderful opportunity for us to be the Power House that we deserve to be. We visualize the younger population of our Country to be the real torch bearers for a Powerful, Vibrant India.

However, for us to reach where we deserve to be, the only way is to harness the efforts of our Youngsters, and help them match potential to performance. Obviously, there is a long way to go, and a lot to do.

Our focus is on eradicating the bane of Unemployment and Underemployment that has started showing its ugly face. My Team is committed to enhance the Effectiveness Quotient of our Youngsters in their pursuit of a successful corporate career.

We believe that our Country needs more job creators than at present. It would do a world of good to our would-be entrepreneurs, if they were given the right type of inputs and mentoring, so that the percentage of success stories of start-ups go up.

We are committed to provide world class inputs to the budding entrepreneurs so that they are totally empowered to become successful entrepreneurs. Our unique Pre-Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning Program provides invaluable practical experience in entrepreneurship, before one treads on an entrepreneurial journey.

We all know that India is a Country of Villages. Our Villages are gifted with innumerable natural resources. Mother Nature has blessed our Villages with all her kindness. We see it as an irony that our rural youth are turning to Cities to earn a living, a large majority among them, indulging in mundane chores.

We want to facilitate meaningful employment and entrepreneurial opportunities at the village level. We are really captured by the multitude of problems this would solve. We have instituted concepts of ’LIFE’, and ‘Viva Village’ to restore the past landscape of our Villages.

We are unconditionally committed to our compelling reasons.

Most people would recollect being told when they were young, that ‘The Future of the Country belongs to its Youngsters’. That Statement was never more relevant, than at present.

We have burnt gallons of midnight oil to brainstorm and debate on what exactly needs to be done to help our Youngsters to Astutely Position their Natural Abilities. We have re-worked on our Programs multiple times, to ensure that our Youngsters get the best of the inputs. The Bottom line of our offering is that WE GIVE WHAT IS NEEDED, AND NOT WHAT IS DESIRED. We have priced our Products in a way that creates a WIN-WIN experience for everyone.

We commit ourselves to perform every act, in total conformity to Legal and Moral compliance. We are committed to demonstrate every quality that we like to see in our Youngsters – Total Compliance to Law, Highest Moral and Ethical Standards, efforts that matches potential, and a genuine concern for People Development. After all, a Dream to create meaningful Employment Opportunities to 100000 Youngsters, and help create 10000 Entrepreneurs, all in a span of three years, will happen only if there were to be stringent processes towards both Strategy and Culture.

A glance through our website would reveal that different segments of people have different reasons to join hands with us. We welcome viewers to connect with me through my mail id, on how they want to be a part of the exciting journey that we have embarked on. I will be happy to discuss possibilities that pave for a WIN-WIN equation.

Together, let us build a Vibrant India.




We are committed to making a positive difference, and be the Catalysts, to eradicate the bane of Unemployment and Underemployment. Towards this, we had multiple brain storming sessions both within, and outside, on what Organisations expect from an entry level employee. We also deliberated on what a fresh graduate may lack, in terms of attracting employment. The core of the challenge revolved around a proper Direction, Mindset, Habits and Competency. To look at it in another way, the challenges were more towards behavioural and attitudinal issues, rather than the technical skill issues.

Inspired by this, we designed our Programs revolving around a proper preparation for the young graduate, in shaping their Presentation, Mindset and Habits. We added an extensive Internship Program, so that the young graduate is well aware of what one needs to do, after joining an Organisation.


In times where a majority of Job Seekers were comfortable in looking at ‘shortcuts’ to attain an employment status, we thought that we should not fall into the trap, and facilitate such approach. Thus came a conscious decision from us that we will not be seen as a Recruitment Consultancy Organisation. As Professionals in the Capability Enhancement space, we re-committed ourselves to be Enablers of Capability Building Process.

By giving what is desired, we will only end up making other dependant. However, by giving what is needed, we empower people.


While there is no significant change in the capabilities of a Graduate from a Metro City as compared to other Cities and Towns, and while nothing would stop us from addressing the needs of Young Graduates from Metro Cities, we consciously decided to focus on the Student population in Non Metro Cities and other Towns. We are also inspired by the tremendous potential Rural Entrepreneurship has, both for Entrepreneurship and Employment Opportunities.

How nice it would be, if the Country were to succeed in reversing the trend of influx of people to Capital Cities, and adding stress to the Concrete Jungles that the most Capital Cities are now known for!

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Our Mission,Vision & Values


To Nurture Young minds and create employment opportunity, in a great platform to showcase their potential and succeed


To design programs and materials to be quickly and economically adaptable for any audience, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the training solution.


We take a broader, more holistic view of all of the factors that influence the desired changes, and help you develop and execute the strategies and processes needed to implement these changes and ensure lasting results.

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